I consider myself a hybrid between a designer and a software engineer. Ultimately, I really just enjoy doing a bit of everything. When I have the time to dabble in technology, I like to think of myself as a "DIY" hobbyist. From electrical and mechanical, to multimedia design and software projects, I have always enjoyed the opportunity to create, and the chance to solve difficult problems.

My strongest abilities have always fallen into multimedia and graphic design. I took up drawing in early elementary school, and after my first multimedia class in middle school, I kind of took off from there. I started branching off into software development when I was eleven years old, just getting my foot in the door. It began with level design for a popular computer game called Counter-Strike, creating my own playable maps. By the time I had reached high school, I had ventured further into 3D modeling/animation, 2D texturing(skinning), basic audio engineering, and web development.

At this point in my life, I have dabbled in nearly every area of multimedia with relatively strong confidence, not to mention, a decent amount of hardware/software engineering along the way.
Below, contains a list of software, hardware, or relevant services that I have had experience with, at some point during my life. Some of these, I've used much more extensively than others.
  • Design/multimedia: Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, After Effects, Premiere, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, GIMP, Lottie, Roland Versa UV
  • 3D Modeling/Animation: 3D Studio Max, Milkshape 3D, ZBrush, Mudbox, World Machine, Maya, Fusion 360, Auto CAD
  • Software Development: Xcode, Android Studio, Emacs, Qt, Atom, Sublime, Vi/Vim, Visual Studio, Eclipse
  • Project Management, Bug Tracking, etc: JIRA, Confluence, Base Camp, Fog Bugz, Jama Contour, MediaWiki, Zendesk, Freshdesk, Salesforce
  • Source Control & CI/CD: Git, GitLab, Bitbucket, Jenkins, Gerrit Code Review, Open STF (Device Farm)
  • Server: Apache Tomcat, Oracle DB, MySQL DB, Maria DB, NGINX, IBM Webpshere, WAMP/LAMP Server Stacks
  • Software Security & Information Technology: InMobile SDK, InMobile/InBrowser Server, Wireshark/PCAP, Nmap, Shell/Bash
  • Operating Systems: Linux(Ubuntu, Kali, Fedora, Raspbian), Mac OS X, Windows, Android, iOS
  • Audio Development: FL Studio, Reaper, Audacity, Garage Band, Pro Tools
  • Augmented Reality Development: Snap Lens Studio (Partner/Public), Facebook AR Studio, Lenovo AR, Unity - Vuforia
  • Game Development: Unity 4/5, Unreal 4, Game Maker Studio Pro, UDK, CryEngine 3, Source Engine, Half-Life Engine, libGDX, SFML C++
  • Office: Word, Excel, Publisher, Front Page, Outlook, Visio, Libre, MS365, Google Web Applications
  • Serial Communications: Modbus Poll RTU/TCP, Simply Modbus RTU/TCP, X-CTU, Self Written Tools
  • Miscellaneous: Financial Aid Database Software and Web Services, Epicor(9)
  • Hardware: 3D Printers (Ultimaker/Peopoly), CNC Machines, PC, Linux, Mac & Apple Mobile Devices, Android Mobile Devices, Windows Mobile Devices, Wacom Tablets, DSLRs, Rotary Screen Printing Press
Below, contains a list of skills that I have acquired, either on my own as a hobbyist, or on the job. Some of these, I've had more experience in than others.
  • Art: Graphic Design, Vector/2D/3D Art/Animation, Web Design, Print/Logo Design, Drawing & Inking, Digital Drawing, Watercolor
  • Photography: Canon EOS DSLR (7D, 5D), Editing, Effects, Manipulation
  • Film: Canon EOS DSLR (7D, 5D), Editing, Special Effects, Slow Motion Interpolation, Rotoscoping
  • Audio: Sound Effects Design, Guitar, Piano, Digital Music Creation, Voice Manipulation
  • Software: UI/UX Design, Augmented Reality, Engineering, Development, Scripting, Source/Version Control, Bug Testing & Tracking, Software Security Integration
  • Programming: Java, Objective-C, Swift, Python, C++, C#, C, Visual Basic, Bash/Shell, PHP, JS, HTML, JQuery, CSS, SQL, GML, Ladder Logic, Drools, Visual Scripting (Blueprint, Patch Editor, etc)
  • Hardware/IT: PCB Milling, CNC Machining, 3D Printing (FDM/SLA), PC/Mac/Linux Construction, Troubleshooting, Repair, Soldering, Circuit Repair, Wiring, Packet Disection, Network Setup & Troubleshooting, SysAdmin, Server Setup, Teensy Micro Controller, Serial Communication Spoofing
  • Leadership: Project Ownership and Management in Engineering/Software/Game Development, Warehouse Management, Building Security Detail Supervision
  • Miscellaneous: Roland UV Printing, Apparel Screen Printing, Construction in General Contracting
Position: Senior Designer
  • Design UI/UX for various mobile applications involving augmented reality
  • General creative design: wireframes, compositions, mockups, consulting
  • Snapchat creative design, product ownership, and face/world lens full stack development
  • Facebook AR creative design, product ownership, and face/world effect full stack development
  • Experimental & conceptual UI/UX/HMI design for use in the automotive industry
  • Scripting/Automation/Development: C# (Unity), JavaScript (Snap, Facebook AR, Adobe), Python, Bash
  • Technical assessments and pitch consulting
  • Misc: AR game design & development, audio mixing, 2D/3D animation, production asset creation
NUGENTECH, INC. - GARDEN GROVE, CA: 02/2017 - 01/2018
Position: Lead UI/UX/Product Designer & Project Manager
  • Leading a product development team from start to finish in Design, Software, Hardware, Electrical, Manufacturing, and Test
  • Design mockups and coordinate the development for UI/UX in mobile applications and websites
  • Maintain & contribute to the front-end code bases in mobile and web application delopment
  • Asset development for mobile applications and websites: Vector icons & animations (Lottie/After Affects)
  • Design and render 2D & 3D product concepts for manufacturing
  • Design logos and product marketing content
  • 3D modeling and prototype manufacturing (FDM/SLA 3D Printing) of physical product enclosures
  • Double sided printed circuit board manufacturing, CNC milling, solder mask application, and SMD soldering for prototypes
Position: Software QA Manager & Software Development Engineer in Test
  • Managed a team of QAE/SDETs through various ongoing and new software development projects
  • Strategized and applied best practice test methodologies in a fast paced agile development environment
  • Maintained and developed software test case automation for back-end mobile security libraries (unit/functional/performance/stress/regression testing)
  • Wrote custom software testing tools and utilities for internal use, as well as demos for sales and professional services departments
  • Maintained and developed product QA test plans, related documentation, and engineering test reporting
  • Software security exploitation and penetration testing
  • UX/UI design, development, and software demonstration code
  • Proprietary software security API troubleshooting
  • Pushed test driven development practices across the development engineering teams
Position: Content Creator & Software Engineer
  • Developed custom mobile and desktop software with a small team
  • UI/UX design and development, and marketing content
  • Worked on a mobile application featuring a web API to provide statistics for users
  • Created 2D sprites and animation for mobile games
  • Provided 24hr customer support for the company’s application-user-base
  • Many items overlap with the self employed section below
Position: Test Engineer & Software Engineer in Test
  • Engineered and performed various tests to verify functionality of wireless transmitters/gateways, and their respective sensors (liquid level, RTD, pressure, etc.); as well as software fringe testing and bug detection
  • Software unit test case automation, utilizing custom and available frameworks.
  • Engineered test procedures for AES encryption verification of wireless 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz radios (packet analysis)
  • Designed and wrote custom software for: test systems involving serial communications, troubleshooting/knowledge base web service, database client/server interface software, proprietary resistance measurement and calibration software
  • Project management: Organized and divided work among engineers for various projects including firmware release testing, software development and product manufacturing
  • Designed troubleshooting guides, wiring diagrams/schematics, and application notes for customers in the oil and gas industry
  • Tech Support: Provided direct phone/email troubleshooting support with customers in labs and CLASS 1/DIV1 field settings
  • Returned Material Authorization (RMA): Diagnosed and repaired PCBAs, measuring instruments, and mechanical components
  • Soldering/de-soldering circuit board components, wiring of electronic circuits, custom hardware and cabling for testing
Position: Student Loan Specialist
  • Developed custom software tools for performing various calculations necessary for loan counseling (extra curricular)
  • Review students’ basic rights and responsibilities as a borrower under the Federal Loan Program
  • Evaluate students and present options including repayment plans, deferments, and forbearance as it relates to individual circumstances
  • Act as liaison between borrowers and third-parties such as loan servicers and the Department of Education to facilitate timely resolutions for At-Risk borrowers
  • Compute and present Federal Student Loan repayment schedules
  • Facilitated entrance and exit counseling for students and parents for full understanding of direct subsidized and unsubsidized loans and consequences of default, and loan forgiveness when applicable
  • Conduct follow-up calls to retrieve missing paperwork for diligent processing of student loan applications
  • Provide grace counseling for students upon graduation and completion of program
Position: Shift Supervisor
  • Supervised overall building security and security officers
  • Provided and maintained building entry/exit access
  • Trained new officers in all aspects of the site responsibilities
  • Maintained and monitored building fire alarm systems and live security CCTV
  • Filled out Incident Reports as needed
  • Recorded and enforced daily patrols and routines for all officers on duty
Position: Assistant Warehouse Manager
  • Picked up and delivered large product orders
  • Maintained operations and cleanliness of store front and warehouse locations
  • Packaged and labeled product for shipment
  • Provided in store customer service/sales as well as technical support services for the electronics department
  • Greeted customers entering and exiting the store front
ABERCROMBIE & FITCH - CERRITOS, CA: 11/2010 - 05/2011
Model (Retail Sales Associate)
  • Provided sales, customer service, and maintained POS system
  • Not even sure why I include this job anymore
MY GEAR STORE INC. - SIGNAL HILL, CA: 07/2007 - 11/2008
Position: Graphic Designer/Web Developer & IT Technician
  • Designed and developed internet retail websites and advertising (logos, ads, websites, magazine prints, etc)
  • Developed interactive animated product advertising for websites
  • Developed product photography, imaging, and packaging
  • Maintained product inventory database systems
  • Packaged and labeled product for shipment
  • Provided technical support and network troubleshooting within the office as well as network wiring/setup
Position: Graphic Designer/Web Developer & IT Technician
  • Designed and developed internet retail websites and advertising (logos, ads, websites, magazine prints, etc)
  • Developed interactive animated product advertising for websites
  • Developed product photography, imaging, and packaging
  • Maintained product inventory database systems
  • Packaged and labeled product for shipment
  • Provided technical support and network troubleshooting within the office as well as network wiring/setup
BEST BUY GEEK SQUAD - LAKEWOOD, CA: 09/2006 - 01/2007
Position: C.I.A. (In-Store Technician)
  • Provided over the counter and phone customer service and technical support for all electronics
  • Diagnosed and repaired faulty software and hardware through troubleshooting
  • Provided general in store sales services for multiple departments
  • Maintained POS system
Position: Content Developer & Software Engineer
  • Software as a Service & UX/UI Design Consulting: Jan. 2015 - Present
  • Game Development: Jan. 2001 – Present
    • 17+ years of experience in video game and ‘mod’ development as a 2D/3D artist, UX designer, audio engineer, web developer, and programmer.
    • Software Use: Adobe Creative Suite, 3DS Max, Maya, Milkshape 3D, Mudbox, ZBrush, Valve Hammer Editor, MoHAA Level Editor, JK2/A Mod Tools, Reaper, Audacity, World Machine, Various Map Decompilers
    • Engine Development: HL/2, id Tech(Quake) 3, UDK, UE4, Unity 4/5, CryEngine, Game Maker Studio, SFML C++, libGDX, Flash
    • Past Projects: (Note: 'skinning' refers to the UV Mapping and texturing of 3D models)
      • Earth’s Special Forces (Side) – 3D modeling/skinning
      • Mech Mod (Team) - 3D modeling/skinning
      • Trigun: Escape From Pain (Team) - 3D modeling/skinning, Level design, Audio, Web
      • Naruto: Nine Tails Power (Team) - 3D modeling/skinning
      • Custom maps/models for Counter-Strike, HL, HL2, The Specialists, MoHAA, JK2, and JKA

  • PF Sport Plus Watch Face for Samsung Gear Watches
  • http://www.planarform.com/pf-sport-plus
  • Binary Hybrid Watch Face for Samsung Gear Watches
  • http://www.planarform.com/binary-hybrid
  • Operator Digital Watch Face for Samsung Gear Watches
  • http://www.planarform.com/operator-digital
  • Omnic: Overwatch Stats: Apr. 2017 - A simple profile statistics tracking app for the iOS platform
  • http://omnic.io
  • Birdie Sanders: Jul. 2016 - A simple mobile game developed for the Android and iOS platforms
  • http://www.planarform.com/birdiesanders
  • Triangle Time: Feb. 2015 - A simple mobile game developed for the iOS platform
  • http://www.planarform.com/triangletime
I'm always open for bigger and better opportunities. If you need any of these jobs done:
  • Graphic and web design
  • Application UI/UX design and development
  • Software development and testing
  • Commercial and industrial test engineering work
  • 2D/3D art and animation
  • Film, photography, and post production
  • Product engineering and 3D prototype modeling
  • Printed circuit board manufacturing, CNC machining, and 3D printing
  • Technical writing and documentation
  • IT, Networking, and technical support
  • Project ownership and management
  • Honestly... just about anything in tech industry
You can reach me via the following: